Libido Support


• libido supplement
• For sexual desire
• Suitable for men and women
• 100% natural

Inhoud: 60 vcaps


Libido Supplement
Libido Support is a supplement that has been specially developed for the libido of men and women. It affects the experience of sexual stimuli and the desire for them 1*. This support can be a godsend for those who have a lowered libido and wish to increase it. For example, research shows that more than 20% of women and 15% of men indicate that they have a reduced libido and want support when experiencing sexual stimuli.

For sexual desires
The libido supplement affects the experience of sexual desires and their frequency*. In addition, it also affects physical and mental performance during sexual intercourse. It affects physical and mental stamina while experiencing sexual stimuli*.

Suitable for men and women
The libido supplement is unique in that it is suitable for both men and women. This unique composition and the way in which the product is extracted ensures the double-sided effect of the supplement for both sexes.

100% natural
The Libido Support supplement is of 100% natural origin. The active substances are extracted from natural products, which has a positive influence on the effectiveness. It also prevents negative side effects. This is in contrast to suppliers where the active substance is extracted during a chemical process. This also makes the supplement GMO-free. Libido Support is safe to use for vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes.

Benefits Libido Support
The Libido Support supplement has several advantages:

libido supplement
Influence on sexual desire
sexual stimuli
Suitable for men and women
100% natural
Health claims in approval by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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