Gastric Bypass Support


• After undergoing a WLS (Weight Loss Surgery)
• Easily absorbable
• Prevents a deficiency
• Natural Nutrients

Content: 60 vcaps


WLS Multivitamin
Gastric Bypass Support is a WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) multivitamin supplement specially developed for after undergoing weight loss surgery. The supplement contains 28 different vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that are correctly formulated for after weight loss surgery, such as: Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve and Gastic Band.


Shortage of vitamins and minerals
After undergoing a WLS (Weight Loss Surgery), a deficiency of vitamins and minerals is common. This has to do with narrowing and/or diverting the digestive tract, making it more difficult to absorb the right nutrients. In addition, consuming smaller amounts of food simply means that there are fewer vitamins and minerals in food. However, these are indispensable for health, so supplementing with vitamins and minerals is advised by doctors.


Easily absorbable
The WLS supplement has been developed according to a unique formula, so that all nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. This is very important because the digestive tract is adapted, making it less easy to absorb vitamins and minerals.


Natural Nutrients
The Gastric Bypass Support supplement contains natural nutrients. This ensures the correct functioning of the product. In addition, it is safe to use for vegetarians, vegans, people with diabetes, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Benefits Gastric Bypass Support
Robson’s Gastric Bypass Support has several distinctive advantages:

After undergoing a WLS (Weight Loss Surgery)
Easily absorbable
Prevents a deficiency
Canadian quality
Natural Nutrients
Health claims approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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