• Structure of cartilage 1
• Supports joints 2
• For bones and muscles 3
• 100% natural

Content: 90 capsules


For cartilage and joints
The Glucosamine supplement has been specially developed to provide support to the joints and cartilage. It has a positive influence on the production and construction of the cartilage in the joints 1. The cartilage is an essential tissue for smooth movement. As one gets older, the wear and tear of the cartilage increases and support may be necessary.


Flexible connective tissue
In addition, the supplement also has an effect on the maintenance of the flexible connective tissue 2. This connective tissue is again important to allow movements in the body. It ensures that during movements the bones do not rub against each other, but slide past each other.


Bones and muscles
In addition to having a positive effect on cartilage, joints and connective tissue, Glucosamine also contributes to the bones and muscles 3. It contains nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of strong muscles and support muscle function. In addition, the supplement also affects the maintenance of strong bones.


Powerful Nutrients
Glucosamine is a supplement that contains powerful nutrients and ingredients that contribute to the functioning of the product. It contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate, three different vitamins, two types of minerals and three powerful herbs.


100% natural
The Glucosamine supplement is of 100% natural origin. This ensures the correct functioning of the product. It is also safe to use for people with diabetes.


Benefits Glucosamine
Robson’s Glucosamine has several distinctive benefits:

Structure of cartilage 1
Supports joints 2
For bones and muscles 3
100% natural origin
Health claims approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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