• Special formula for the menopause
• Helps with menopausal symptoms 1
• Powerful combination of ingredients
• Natural Nutrients

Content: 60 Vcaps


Menopause supplement
Menopause by Robson is a supplement specially developed for women during the menopause. This transition, also called the menopause, can cause various symptoms of the transition. These complaints can have a major impact on a woman’s daily life. The supplement helps women go through all phases of the menopause calmly and comfortably 1*.


Full support
Due to the powerful combination of ingredients and active substances, the supplement offers complete support during the menopause (menopause). It has a supportive effect on the most common symptoms of menopause:

Hot Flashes – It helps with mental and physical comfort during menopause 1*
Night sweats – It helps with night sweats 1*
Restlessness – It helps with restlessness 1*
Irritability – Has a beneficial effect for a good mental balance 2*
Fatigue – Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue 2*
Mood swings – Has a beneficial effect on a good mental balance 2*
Hormonal imbalance – Contributes to the regulation of hormonal activities in the body 2*
Listlessness – Supports energy level 2*
Lack of motivation and concentration – Contributes to psychological functions such as: concentration, memory, mood, etc. 2*
Thinner hair – It is good for the hair during the menopause 2 *
Dry skin – It is good for the skin during menopause 3*

Natural Nutrients
The Menopause supplement contains natural nutrients. The active substances are mainly extracted from vegetable products, which has a positive influence on the effectiveness. In addition, this origin prevents negative side effects, which is recommended with a menopause supplement. This is in contrast to suppliers where the active substance is extracted during a chemical process. Due to its origin, the supplement is GMO-free and safe to use for people with diabetes and vegetarians.

Robson. Menopause Benefits
Robson’s menopause has several distinctive benefits:

Transition Support
Helps with a comfortable transition
In case of menopausal symptoms
Powerful combination of ingredients
Full support
Natural Nutrients
Health claims in approval by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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