Multi Vitamin Pregnant


• Complete pregnancy multivitamin
• With folic acid and vitamin D
• Before, during and after pregnancy
• High-quality nutrients

Content: 60 vcaps


Complete multivitamin
Multi Vitamin Pregnant is a complete multivitamin specially developed for before, during and after pregnancy. The supplement contains a complete formula of vitamins and minerals, tailored to the needs of the woman and the (unborn) child. In addition, Multi Vitamin Pregnant has been developed in a unique capsule, so that the nutrients are released early. Even if you have an accelerated intestinal transit. This ensures that the nutrients are properly absorbed by mother and child.

With folic acid (vitamin B11)
Folic acid, also called vitamin B11, contributes to the growth and development of the unborn child. An addition of folic acid ensures that the folate status of the (future) mother is increased. When a folate status is too low, there is a risk factor for abnormalities in the unborn child. Examples of this are:

Abnormality of the nervous system (pinguin spina bifida)
Other abnormalities (cleft lip, heart defect, brain defect)
For this reason, it is advised to take a minimum of 400-500 mcg of folic acid before and during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Multi Vitamin Pregnant contains a dose of 500 mcg high-quality folic acid (vitamin B11).

With vitamin D3
In addition to the advice on folic acid, the Health Council advises pregnant women to take 10 mcg of vitamin D. This vitamin has an effect on:

The growth and development of bones and bones of the (unborn) child
Good calcium absorption from food
A favorable influence on the cell division process
Support the body’s defenses
Is good for the functioning of the muscles
For this reason, we have added a dose of 10 mcg vitamin D3 to the Multi Vitamin Pregnant supplement. Vitamin D3 was chosen because it is better absorbed by the body.


Before, during and after pregnancy
The supplement has been developed to provide support to the pregnant woman and the (unborn) child. It has a supporting function before, during and after pregnancy.

For pregnancy, the advice is to start taking folic acid four weeks before conception, because the body needs four weeks to absorb this vitamin.
During pregnancy, the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals can contribute to the health of the (future) mother and the unborn child.
After pregnancy and during breastfeeding, supplementation of nutrients can contribute to the health of the mother and child.
High-quality nutrients
The Multi Vitamin Pregnancy supplement contains high-quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals carefully tailored to the needs of the woman and the (unborn) child. In addition, the product has been developed and produced in accordance with strict European legislation, in order to guarantee the highest quality. The supplement is safe to use for vegetarians, people with diabetes and of course the pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Benefits Multi Vitamin Pregnant
Multi Vitamin Pregnant from Robson has several distinctive benefits:

Complete multivitamin
Includes 500 mcg of folic acid
Includes 10 mcg of vitamin D3
High-quality nutrients
Health claims approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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