After Alcohol (Detox)


• Supports the liver 1
• After alcohol consumption
• After unhealthy diet
• 100% natural

Content: 60 vcaps


Cleanse liver
After Alcohol (Detox) is a supplement specially formulated for liver health 1*. This support helps the liver to cleanse itself of waste products and toxins. The liver is an essential organ in the processing and breakdown of these substances. That is why the supplement is mainly used after consuming alcohol and/or unhealthy food. These are rich in waste products and toxins.


After alcohol consumption
As mentioned, the supplement is used after consuming alcohol. Alcohol is broken down in the liver and ensures that these toxins leave the body. It can therefore be essential to cleanse the liver, so that the functions of the organ are supported.


After unhealthy diet
In addition, After Alcohol (Detox) is used after consuming unhealthy food. Again because this food contains unhealthy substances for the body. Consuming alcohol often goes hand in hand with consuming unhealthy food.


Powerful ingredients
After Alcohol (Detox) is a supplement containing a powerful combination of ingredients for liver health (cleanse) 1*. It contains a high dose of Silybum marianum and Curcuma longa to ensure this support. In addition, Bioperine ® has been added to the supplement, so that the ingredients are better absorbed by the body.

100% natural
The After Alcohol (Detox) supplement is of 100% natural origin. This ensures the correct functioning of the product. Because the origin is natural, the supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also safe to use for people with diabetes.


Benefits After Alcohol (Detox)
After Alcohol (Detox) from Robson has several distinctive benefits:

Supports the liver
After alcohol consumption
After unhealthy diet
100% natural origin
Health claims in approval by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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