Lactase Support


• For the digestive system
• Complete Enzyme Formula
• 100% natural

Content: 180 vcaps


Lactase supplement
The Lactase Support supplement has been specially developed for digestion. Lactase is an enzyme that aids in the digestion of nutrients in the intestines. Lactase, which occurs naturally in the body, ensures that lactose from, among other things, milk products can be processed. The moment there is too little lactase in the body, this can have a (negative) influence on the processing of the products concerned and people can suffer from various symptoms.


Digestive enzymes
The composition of the digestive supplement contains several ingredients that contribute to the functioning of the product. Thus it contains an optimal dosage; Pineapple Extract, Papaya Extract, Betaine HCl and Digezyme®. The ingredient Digezyme® is a patented formula that contains several enzymes, namely; Amylases, Proteases, Lipase, Cellulase and Lactase. This combination of enzymes ensures proper functioning of the supplement for digestion.


Consuming lactose
The supplement is mainly used when consuming lactose containing products such as; milk, cheese and yogurt. It is advised to take the supplement 20 minutes before consuming the food. This ensures optimum operation.

100% natural
The supplement is of 100% natural origin. This ensures the correct functioning of the product. The supplement is safe to use for vegetarians, vegans, people with diabetes, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Benefits Lactase Support
Lactase Support from Robson has several distinctive advantages:

Complete Enzyme Formula
For the digestive system
With lactose consumption
100% natural origin
Health claims approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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