• For fat absorption
• During a high-fat meal
• No laxative effect
• Good for cholesterol levels

Inhoud: 90 capsules


Break for fat absorption
Break is a supplement that contains the active ingredient chitosan. This substance has the property of binding saturated fats. It can ensure that the fats are encapsulated before they are absorbed by the body. After that, the encapsulated fats will leave the body through the faeces.

Note: Break has no laxative effect on your body.


During high-fat foods
Due to its action, the supplement is mainly used while consuming high-fat foods. Often these meals have a rich surplus of sugars and fats that do not fit in with the healthy diet. For this reason, the product is used during the so-called ‘cheat-day’ or ‘chat-meal’.


Good for cholesterol levels
Chitosan, the active ingredient in Break, is good for the cholesterol level in the blood, with a daily intake of 3 g (double daily dose). Cholesterol is necessary for the production of cells and hormones and for the production of bile in the body. However, maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is important for health.


Combine with Vitamin C
The Break supplement is mainly used in combination with vitamin C, because this vitamin supports the and energy levels in the body. In addition, vitamin C has other health benefits that aid the process of the supplement.


100% natural
The Break supplement is of 100% natural (animal) origin. This ensures the correct functioning of the product. The supplement is safe to use for people with diabetes.


Benefits Break
Robson’s Break has several distinctive advantages:

Supports during a high-fat meal
High dose of chitosan
Good for cholesterol levels
100% natural origin
Health claims in approval by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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