Hair Support


• For strong and shiny hair
• For the condition and hair growth
• Pigmentation of the hair
• Natural Nutrients

Content: 60 vcaps


Hair Vitamin and Nutrients
Hair Support is a supplement that has been specially developed for the hair. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins that contribute to the health of the hair. The supplement is rich in 7 different vitamins, 5 minerals, 11 herbs and other ingredients for the hair.


Strong and shiny hair
The supplement contributes to the maintenance of shiny hair, which can offer a solution when experiencing dull hair. In addition, vitamin B ensures the strength of the hair.


For the condition
Hair Support, which contains nutrients and vitamins for the hair, contributes to the condition of the hair. The minerals selenium, zinc and vitamin B contribute to the general condition of the hair.


For hair growth
In addition, the aforementioned nutrients, vitamins and minerals contribute to hair growth. This aspect is for many the most important function of the supplement.


Pigmentation of the hair
Besides that Hair Support contributes to strong and shiny hair, it is also good for the condition and contributes to hair growth and also affects the pigmentation of the hair. For example, the mineral copper contributes to keeping the pigment cells of the hair instant.

Natural Nutrients
The Hair Support supplement contains natural nutrients. This ensures the correct functioning of the product and makes the supplement suitable for vegetarians. In addition, it is safe to use for people with diabetes, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Benefits Hair Support
Hair Support from Robson has several distinctive advantages:

For strong and shiny hair
For the condition and hair growth
Pigmentation of the hair
Canadian quality
Natural Nutrients
Health claims under approval by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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