Rode Gist Rijst Q10


• Good for cholesterol levels
• Meet Monacolin K
• 100% natural
• Swiss quality

Content: 60 vcaps


Red Yeast Rice Supplement
The supplement Red Yeast Rice with Q10 is a supplement that has been specially developed for cholesterol levels. The active ingredient in the supplement is extracted from fermented rice, releasing the substance Monacolin K. This substance ensures the efficacy of the product.


For the cholesterol
Red Yeast Rice with Q10 is used to maintain a normal and healthy cholesterol level in the blood. More than a quarter of the Dutch population suffers from high cholesterol in which the LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol are not in balance. This increased value increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level is therefore essential for good health.


With Monacoline K
The Red Yeast Rice Q10 supplement contains a balanced dose of Monacolin K. This addition of the active ingredient is necessary to achieve the desired health benefits of the supplement. European scientific research shows that a daily intake of 10 mg Monacolin K from red fermented rice is good for the cholesterol level in the blood.


100% natural
The supplement Red Yeast Rice Q10 is of 100% natural origin. The active substances are extracted from natural products, which has a positive influence on the effectiveness. It also prevents negative side effects. This is in contrast to suppliers where the active substance is extracted during a chemical process. This also makes the supplement GMO-free. Red Yeast Rice Q10 is safe to use for vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes.


Benefits Red Yeast Rice Q10
The supplement Red Yeast Rice Q10 has several advantages:

Red Yeast Rice Q10 Supplement
Good for cholesterol
With Monacoline K
100% natural
Health claims approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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